Newell Beach Wedding Photographer – Elle & Richard

By August 19, 2016Port Douglas Wedding

Newell Beach Wedding Photography – Elle & Richard.

Elle & Richard’s Newell Beach Wedding was so much fun. They held their ceremony under the coconut palms on the sand at Boonooloo Beach house.  Elli stayed at Boonooloo and Richard in another house about five doors down it was all to relaxed.

I began the day at Boonooloo, it was buzzing. Elle and the girls were having hair and make up done, there was family everywhere and a bunch of suppliers were setting up for the wedding reception. When I begin a wedding I usually spend half an hour just hanging out. I take the time to get to know everyone while shooting a few details and candid moments.

Elle and Richard had around 70 family and close friends fly in for their wedding. The ceremony was one of those laughing one minute , crying the next. Very heartfelt, funny and really beautiful. We took a walk up the beach for some photo’s afterwards while the rest of the guests ate and drank on Newell beach.

When it comes to the location shoot I’m always happy to keep it pretty short. Particularly if everything is in the one area and we don’t have to drive anywhere. I find that if we keep it quick it stays fresh and no one becomes to robotic. We did this for Elle and Richard and then when the Sunset light was looking like it was going to put on a show we went out for a few more. Check em out.

Oh and the party ! Holy shit, these guys went off !!


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