Chateau Dore Wedding Photography – Brooke & Heath

The Chateau Dore Wedding of Brooke and Heath


Brook and Heath chose a Chateau Dore Wedding over so many other wedding venues. Brooke said “It had the exact elegant cottage garden feel that they were looking for. and Nicole was so easy to deal with”. Located in the beautiful Mandurang Valley just outside Bendigo. More information can be found here and the Facebook page is also very active.

I’ve known Brooke for around ten years, so I was over the moon  to get the call. She was pretty specific when it came to her photo’s.  She wanted classic , elegant, images and didn’t mind a bit of direction, no bush or rustic. OK , can do. I don’t mind being a little flexible in my usual style, in fact I enjoyed the challenge. I think we did pretty well.

If you’d like to see another Chateau Dore Wedding  – Lauren & Alan

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Chateau Dore Wedding of Brooke and Heath

The beautiful Chateau Dore , located in the Mandurang Valley just east of Bendigo, is a popular choice for brides and grooms looking for a beautiful , country, cottage garden wedding.