Bendigo Wedding Photography – Jacqui & Ben’s Country Wedding

Bendigo Wedding Photography – Jacqui & Ben


I didn’t get a chance to meet Jac and Ben prior to the day so we all went into this one a little blind, but I didn’t mind that. I believe that having fresh eyes for a place and people is a good thing. Also, you know when you have a wedding on a family farm that you’re pretty sure to have some interesting locations and people to work with.

Married on the back lawn Ben’s parents home which was also known as Baringhup Pub in a former life. The beautiful house being around 150 years old. It sits on the bank of the incredible Loddon River that has some of the best shaped river red gums I’ve ever seen.

We began the day on Lake Cairn Curran for a morning ski with the boys. Not a bad way to wake up at all. And plenty of great shots of Ben and his mates doing what they love.

The girls got ready in an old farm house on the property. In the back paddock was an old falling down stone building that had been over grown by huge peppercorn trees. Insane location !  A Clydesdale drawn wagon arrived to take the girls to the ceremony.

Some days it just gets handed to you.


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Bendigo Wedding Photography – Shaun Guest

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